Welcome to Story Universe

Story Universe is an RPG by Corren Bros, where you play as a chosen spirit that influences events in set periods of time in the universe. 


All these periods are unique, with different themes, characters and events, that all link together in an overarching story about ridding the Universe of a dark presence known as the Demiurges.


Experience a different kind of RPG.

  • Visit 8 different themed Time Periods, all with their own stories.

  • Uncover the mystery, as all the worlds connect in the end in some way.

  • Be tested in battle with a wide variety of strategies and characters.

  • Take your 'collection' of party members to the Prison of Souls, and fight the Universe's most feared spirits.

Experiencing is Believing

The Demo is disabled for now while we fix bugs.

Check back later when we update it.

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